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All university academics who run their education tours alongside The Study Tour Experts are 100% responsible for both design and output of the curriculum. What we can offer to complement that. We combine expertise in education tours + a project manager who was previously an academic. This allows them to make recommendations based on their experience with a view to optimising your program.

We have seen numerous education tour programs over the years. We try to utilise this learning plus our own academic experiences to augment your curriculum design.

Two heads are always better than one. By drawing on our experience you will find that you can stretch some of those learning objectives to include things you didn’t think previously possible.


Presentation Vs Panel Discussion

Many of our clients prefer to go to the offices of the presenter. One of our clients however wanted something different. Basing their students in their hotel, they sought to discuss  student consulting projects they were doing via breakout rooms. This presented a small problem – how do you justify, in academic terms, coming all the way to a far away country but remaining in the hotel.

The simple solution is to bring the presenters to the students for these kinds of edcuation tours. All good, but still a strange experience. Simply, it would lack the context of a real ‘visit’ to see how and where the presenter works. So rather than ask one presenter at a time to present, we decided to create context around having them all present at once via a panel discussion.

We bring three key industry players together in the room at the beginning of these education tours and had one senior manager from The Study Tour Experts moderate the panel.  Students were able to receive a great grounding regarding the counry they were visiting and how business was conducted.  They benefited from the interaction between these great speakers – an interaction they wouldn’t have received if they had approached ‘industry presentations’ in a more traditional, one at a time, way.

Education Tours
Education Tours

Consulting Projects for Post Grads

Many Post-Grads are of an age where they have travelled extensively. Most have had their own commercial experiences overseas. For many of them, they are looking for something to be built into the curriculum that extends such education tours. They don’t repeats their own experience. A consulting project that The Study Tour Experts has set up for them fits the bill and enhances the curriculum offering.

Each of the groups of post grad students (4-5 per group) had a consulting project designed by the academic in charge, in consultation with The Study Tour Experts. We managed the individual presentations specific to those consulting projects. This allowed us to augment the standard ‘one presenter to whole student body’ to include ‘one presenter to each consulting group’

Students finished up with 8-10 presentations they attended with their entire group. That gave them general insight but then had 6-8 more presentations that were specific to the consulting group of 4-5 students.


For young undergraduates, it is all about creating context. They often have little more than class room experience when it comes to their study back home. We are able to provide them with not just the experience of the study tour. Equally as important is that internship – ineed, it’s  invaluable.

Building into the curriculum the learning outcomes that an internship provides is a tremendous opportunity. An opportunity for both academic and student alike. Most importanlty, the academic doesn’t have to worry about organising it – leave that to The Study Tour experts.

With enough notice, we can arrange not only an internship in the desired location but also one in the desired industry. Absolute gold for the academic designing the curriculum.

Education Tours

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