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We tried a bit of an experiment a few years ago. We called it ‘coffee time with an exec’.

The idea was that we would ask all of the students on a particular students tour (in this case, it was 20) to nominate three industries they were interested in. We then reached out to our network and made sure that each individual student was matched to someone from one of the three industries they chose. We would then make a time for the student to go and meet this person and ask them some questions one-on-one.

It was a great success and in 2015, we will be re-introducing it on certain programs in consultation with the academic in charge of those programs.

Constructing a consulting project for students

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Many of the post-grad students on a recent international study tour were happy to integrate a full blown consulting project into their study tour.  “I felt I learned a lot by being able to work with people from industry in China and see how they did things”, said one grad student.  “For me, it was really eye opening and very different to what I was used to back home. Even as an ethnic Chinese Singaporean, I was still blown away by how different my Chinese experience was from those operating in mainland China”.

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Students find consulting job

study tours for students Great news!  After some 3 months of too-ing and fro-ing between us/our client university and a large multinational auto manufacturer, we have finally landed a consulting project for a group of 5 students.  All of the students have a particular interest in automotive and were keen to make this the focus of their efforts.

Well done to all involved!


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University goes to Japan for an automotive themed study tour

educational tripNot every study tour is a single destination tour.

A number of universities choose to take their students to a variety of locations across a number of countries.

Some do it as a general theme and some, like this client of The Study Tour Experts, like to make it more industry based.  Visiting both China and Japan, they are keen to visit companies that have an automotive theme.  Of course, Toyota in Nagoya is at the top of the list.

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Macquarie Uni good to go

mba tripsAfter another highly successful study tour in 2014, Macquarie University will be back in China in September, 2015.  Spending the two weeks of the mid-semester break travelling between Beijing and Shanghai (including a trip on the 300 km/h fast train) they will have nearly 20 presentations from Chinese and foreign businesses, not-for-profits and government.

Now the tour has finished by September and it was a really success, if you are interested in their tour, please go to our social media and you can find many interesting photos and videos. We have also organized a tour for MBS( Melbourne Business School) and you can also find resources in our social media. We welcome all of you.
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Visiting High Tech Firms in Hangzhou, China

Visiting High Tech Firms in Hangzhou, China

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Lots of people seem to think the high-tech hub of China is Beijing or located some where in the industrial parks of Suzhou, Jiangsu Province.  While there is no doubt having the likes of Baidu and Lenovo in Beijing and a myriad SME High Tech companies in Suzhou is impressive, it is the likes of Alibaba, located in Hangzhou, that really seal the deal.

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Melbourne Business School hears from an expert panel

Study Tours

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Presentations are an important part of any study tour The Study Tour Experts put together.  Each year needs to be different to the last and each year needs to meet the particular needs of that group.  That’s why this year we decided to run a program where MBS’ MBA got to hear from a panel of three Chinese speaking Aussie senior managers/directors of business about where they see the bear traps in doing business in China.  Moderated by Tim Lyons of The Study Tour Experts, it lets the students ask many of the questions they have wondered about for ages.

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Break out for breakthrough

Break out for breakthrough

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It’s important to remember that study tours are not travel holidays but in fact a working environment for students abroad.  The Study Tour Experts make sure there are plenty of opportunities for students and academics to stop what they are doing and move to break out rooms to discuss the study tour and its study implications.

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No regrets

Study Tours

about educational tour Doing an international study tour is one of the greatest things I have ever done.

It’s funny how many times a student has said this to an academic at the end of a study tour.  As someone who travels with these programs on behalf of the Uni and The Study Tour Experts, I have heard it from undergrad and postgrad alike.

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On the verge – with Monash Uni

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We are just two weeks away from Monash Uni’s Department of Marketing heading to China for a for their annual ‘Monash China Study tour’.  This is the 8th year that The Study Tour Experts have hosted Monash and we are really excited.  Alibaba, COFCO, The Australian Tourism Commission, Weber Shandwick are just a few of the visits they will be making in between going to the Great Wall, Forbidden City and West Lake of Hangzhou.


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We recently designed study tours for Monash University, Macquarie University and Melbourne Business School, you can find in more resources in our social media. We welcome everyone.

2016-1-29  Thomas Corvin

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