Post Grad Consulting Projects

Post Graduate students have very different needs to Undergraduate students.

First and foremost, the age difference can be as little as 5-10 years and as much as 20-30 years…or more.  In addition to that, the post-grad students themselves have been working for a number of years and their work and life experiences are often deeper and richer than that of the undergrads.  It is for these reasons that you may need to consider a more evolved model than simply taking the post-grads on a study tour.

This is where the consulting project can come into play.

Reaching out to SME‘s or large companies in either your home country or one of the destination countries you will be visiting can enhance the entire study tour experience and perhaps fulfill some criteria that a mature age post-grad might not ordinarily get from a regular study tour.

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Many Post-Grads are of an age where they have travelled extensively and have had their own commercial experiences overseas. For many of them, they are looking for something to be built into the curriculum that extends, not repeats their own experience. A consulting project that The Study Tour Experts has set up for them fits the bill and enhances the curriculum offering.

Each of the groups of post grad students (4-5 per group) had a consulting project designed by the academic in charge, in consultation with The Study Tour Experts. We managed the individual presentations specific to those consulting projects and so augmented the standard ‘one presenter to whole student body’ to include ‘one presenter to each consulting group’

Students finished up with 8-10 presentations they attended with their entire group that gave them general insight but then had 6-8 more presentations that were specific to the consulting group of 4-5 students.

Student Tours international

So how do you find these consulting projects?

While there is no doubt that your network and experience in your chosen field is extensive, trying to find a consulting project for 4 or 5 post-grad students might not be as easy as it first looks.

Initially it would involve reaching out to the companies and gauging interest – something that might prove time consuming and fruitless.  After this comes the structuring of the consulting project – the mutually satisfaction of you/the university and the company your students are engaged by to do this project. Finally, there is all of the follow up that needs to be done to lock this project in.

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