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Besides focusing on my students’ learning experience, ensuring their safety are among my top priorities. Over the years, The Study Tour Experts have demonstrated excellent service quality. Not only did they have access to top tier companies such as Alibaba and Lenovo, they were able to set up meetings for my students with executives such as the  CEO of Qantas Shanghai, VP of Alibaba, etc.


Not many study tour operators could do this. But more importantly, The Study Tour Experts had excellent local knowledge to provide the best assistance during emergency. For example, I had a student who developed an allergic reaction which demanded immediate medical attention. The Study Tour Experts were available 24/7 and able to gain access to private hospitals in China. In addition, flight delays were notoriously common in China, but The Study Tour Experts were always able to resolve these issues in double quick time.The Study Tour Experts are dependable and I trust them to do a great job.

Dr. Jimmy Wong – Program Director/Course Coordinator 2011-2014
Monash Marketing Study Program (China)

Monash Marketing China Study Program offers students a unique perspective of looking at market activities, which cannot be replaced by text books or case study. Being involved in the real business environment and communicating with high-level managers in person by discussing their business case is the exact experience that university students need and want before they start their career in related area.The Study Tour Experts has a variety of connection of businesses located in China but with totally different backgrounds. All of the resourceful contacts and staff fromThe Study Tour Experts have played a very important roll in the program. Their speciality and expertise in organising the Study Program have been very helpfull when dealing with possible scenarios that would happen during the tour in China.

Bessie Chen – Student
Monash University, Australia

I was involved for several years  in the China study tour which was a key aspect of the Monash MBA program  with visits to some of the key corporate and government companies and agencies in China – to give students a taste of the real China and how to do business there in terms of business, negotiations, cultural and transnational aspects. It was a  real winner in all respects.  It was challenging, confronting and rewarding to students in equal proportions.


The role of a creditable in-China organising body with the links, networks  and organisational capacity to manage such a tour is a  critical  success factor. This is whatThe Study Tour Experts does so well – because they have the background, expertise and knowledge.  It’s not as easy to organise these sorts of events as it might look at first sight – and without The Study Tour Experts it would be all but impossible  – an issue of connections apart from anything else.  China remains elusive and complex as a market for these sorts of programs (let alone getting access to key corporate clients in China such as Aliaba.com and so on).

Professor Mike Willis – PVC International and Partnerships
Federation University Australia

The support of The Study Tour Experts over the dozen or more programs I have been involved with can be summed up simply as peace of mind. I know that everything is or will be taken care of, which allows me to focus on the delivery of a great educational experience for students.

David Toleman – Lecturer
Monash University

I was really impressed by the work of The Study Tour Experts on our Executive MBA program in Shanghai.The Study Tour Experts were very helpful in our planning and execution, and their experience and connections were a central contribution to the success of the program. They proved to be a knowledgeable, professional and enthusiastic partner, and I look forward to further opportunities to collaborate with them.

Associate Professor Patrick Butler – Associate Dean, Executive MBA Programs
Melbourne Business School

The Study Tour Experts have been a key partner to the study tour to China since its first offering at Macquarie University in 2009. I found the firm as a highly reliable and cooperative service provider. I am particularly impressed by the professionalism of the CEO of the firm, and his personal caring for the client when any trouble occurs. The Study Tour Experts’ extensive network in the local business community is a valuable resource that helps with the arrangement of company visits.

Dr. Stephanie Huang – Lecturer in Marketing
Department of Marketing and Management, Macquarie University, Australia

The Study Tour Experts has a long term relationship with Macquarie University’s Faculty of Business and Economics. The Study Tour Experts facilitates Macquarie’s annual study tour of China. Having participated in the tour I can say I am impressed with the quality of service delivery and logistics management that make our study tours work seamlessly. What I value most, though, is the high level of personal engagement that The Study Tour Experts provides us. This personal engagement is the essential ingredient in The Study Tour Experts’ success.

Professor David Rooney – Head of Department of Marketing and Management
Macquarie University

In my previous role as Director of Marketing Study Tour Programs at Monash University over several years, I had responsibility for managing the annual study tour to China, as well as those to Europe/USA and within Australia. The China study tour program has quite specific support requirements in terms of setting up company visits, managing  the on-ground transportation, and generally ensuring a positive student experience in a very different environment. Having the support of an Australian academic located in China, and a team of fluent bi-lingual staff, proved to be essential for everything from helping students and academic staff to find their way around, navigate menus, seek medical assistance if required, and generally deal appropriately with cultural differences.

I highly recommend The Study Tour Experts as a support to study tour programs in Asia.

Associate Professor Sandra Luxton – Associate Dean – Learning Innovations
Swinburne University of Technology

The tour was an immensely educational and enriching experience, combining informative and relevant meetings with Chinese and international organisations with visits to major attractions.

The Study Tour Experts coordinated the itinerary seamlessly and I was pleasantly surprised by the high standard of accommodation

Michelle Coleman – Writing Edge
Former Post-Grad Student of Monash University

The Study Tour Experts efficiently and expertly organised both our company visits and accommodation requirements.  The most important aspect of the trip wasThe Study Tour Experts’ willingness to share their invaluable networks of both senior personnel at prominent Chinese firms and Australian expats.  The final outcome was a remarkable and impressive student experience.

Dr. Robert Jack
Convenor – China Business Research Network (CBRN)
Secretary – Australia & New Zealand International Business Academy (ANZIBA)
Department of Marketing and Management
Faculty of Business and Economics
Macquarie University

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