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At The Study Tour Experts we provide strategic and administrative support to universities running student study tours in international locations. We help these universities design, research and deliver their study programs and provide everything from curriculum development assistance to locating senior business manager presenters to providing 24/7 on the ground support through to the students arriving at their final destination.

"One of the most eye opening experiences of my life. I am forever indebted to The Study Tour Experts."
-Michael Jones, Graduate Student, Monash University

University Services

University Services

Providing 15-20 presenters from the ranks of senior management for your student study program is only one element of your program that The Study Tour Experts can help with…
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Study Tours

Student Services

Focusing on real student outcomes is what we do. From internships, to workplace consulting projects to placing you in presentations with CEOs and directors of global companies.
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Study Tours

The Study Tour App

Students are provided with an Android or iPhone App that provides a calendar of events, details of companies visited, senior management presenters, local insight and more.
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Study Tours

Tailored Study Tours

We leverage our knowledge from extensive experience with international study tours but always with the specific requirements of each university in mind with our tailored tours.
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Looking for a Study Tour management team you can count on?

The Study Tour Experts have been running one of the most hands on Study Tour programs for over 10 years.  Working with world class universities we seek to provide academics with the support they need but also give the students a window into the global business world.

Why choose us?

  • Ten Years Study Tour Management Experience
  • Working with universities ranked top 100 in the world
  • A roster of over 100 senior business presenters to choose from
  • Support for academics with the admin of the study tour
  • A range of internship opportunities for students
  • Year round support for academics marketing the program to students
  • A range of global company consulting projects
  • 24/7 admin support in-country
Study Tours

Academics should be free to do academic things

All too often, these study tours represent additional workload for the academic that rarely gets recognized within the department or faculty. The academic should be free to develop curriculum, manage student learning, manage assessment and improve a student’s overall learning outcomes.  Not get bogged down in admin.

Study Tours

No More Admin for the Academic

From managing the year round promotion to students to liaising with companies and their presenters, The Study Tour Experts aim to make it as seamless experience for the academic as possible.

Study Tours

Global Study Tours lead to jobs

In a tough job market for graduates, it’s important to be able to offer potential employers a chance to see you up close and personal.  Internships and Consulting Projects allow you to do this.

Study Tours

Tailored Study Tour Design

We work closely with the academic in charge to design a purpose built international study tour.  Themes range from general to quite industry specific and often cut across different countries.

So what do our customers think?

Join the many happy university partners we have worked with over more than ten years!

“The support of The Study Tour Experts over the dozen or more programs I have been involved with can be summed up simply as peace of mind. I know that everything is or will be taken care of, which allows me to focus on the delivery of a great educational experience for students”  — David Toleman, Lecturer, Monash University

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The Study Tour App

As part of your tailored study tour with The Study Tour Experts we have developed an accompanying app for your convenience. Read More >>

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