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More than ten years providing international study tours!

Some study tour companies see themselves in the travel industry. We prefer to think of ourselves in the education business.

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An international study tour shouldn’t simply be about travel.  Like any other educational experience it should be all about the learning.  Some of that learning does involve the travel but mostly it is so much more.

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For example, so much of the experience is tied up with having access to industry presenters.  Consider those on The Study Tour Expert’s presentation roster for our business studies trips.   Whether that industry is architecture, manufacturing, engineering, or medicine – we can help. Imagine the insight that students develop from meeting with such industry leaders in the country where they have responsibility.  It’s a context that is impossible to replicate in the classroom.


A Sample Of Our Presentation Roster
Business Studies Trips


Business Studies Trips

Our Team – more than just business studies trips experience

– Design Flexibility – The Study Tour experts is staffed by ex-university academics.  We work with the academic in charge of the tour to not only design the logistics of the program but also to meet the specific academic needs of the particular program

– Vast Experience – A combination of university academic experience with on the ground know-how in our team. This is what gives us the edge. Consider some of the comments from our partners on our business studies trips.

– Strategic Planning – It’s not just about academic design and making your way through the country.  Our team is experienced in working within your university’s guidelines too. We try to meet all risk management criteria set down by them.


100% Turnkey Solution

Presenters are a critical part of the program.  We have an extensive roster of presenters we have worked with over the years on our business studies trips and other tours and continue to build this roster all the time.

Logistics is more than simply moving from one hotel to another.  Organising breakout for academic discussion or developing a panel for a particular themed discussion is important too.

Business Studies Trips

Freedom to educate.

It’s critical to have a partner with educational expertise when designing your International Study Tour. It can be so much more than travel.  Constructed properly it can be the educational experience of a student’s lifetime.

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