Program Development

We recognise that the academic needs to be in driver’s seat!

Matching the overarching strategic direction of the university, with the learning objectives of the study tour program and helping the academic to design a study tour that meets both objectives through innovative curriculum is what The Study Tour Experts does best

More Feature Rich Than Ever!

The Study Tour Expert program development process offers innovative features that focus on meeting the learning objectives and outcomes the academic wants with the in-country experience the student desires

Purpose Built Tour App

The students need to know where they are going, who they are meeting and when they need to be ready for the bus to take them somewhere. Let the App be your guide.

Undergrads and Internships

Understanding how a carefully tailored internship can both fulfill a students own work related objectives but also meet the learning outcomes you as an academic set the student is what we are good at.

Educational Tour

Study Tours and experiential learning go hand in hand. Such experiences have a habit of changing as the study tour unfolds. Let us help you evolve the program in the same dynamic way, along the way.

Enjoy the Process!

The process of developing the curriculum as well as developing the program can be tedious. Ideally it is an accumulation of knowledge throughout the year and from one year to the next. Based on our experience and vast knowledge of many programs, we can help compress this process into something more manageable.

We have many returning customers that have come to know and trust us as a professional and solid partner. Join the many happy universities and business schools who use us and learn why we have been in business for so long.


Education Tour

Education Tour
Keeping it simple

You need to be able to free your time to concentrate on the learning side of the equation. You can be comfortable in the knowledge that The Study Tour Experts have managed to match the program and student requirement to the right standard and location of accommodation, comfort levels on bus and train and have a staff member available throughout the program to take the day to day pressure while on tour, right off the academic in charge and transfer it to us


Compare us to one or two others…..


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