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 You need assistance with your Educational Tour sometimes…

Most study tours go off without a hitch.  Occasionally though universities need to have someone on the ground to help with suprises.  The Study Tour Experts run an educational tour where a project manager and a local junior staff member travel throughout the program with the academics and students.  99% of the time there are no issues but for that 1% of the time, it’s nice to know that there is someone there on the ground to help.

Support is from airport pickup to airport drop off . We also have at least one staff member on hand to answer any question any of the group might have.  From where the best food is through to how do I get a local SIM card. 

Hopefully you wont need it but  medical support on your educational tour, is available too.  Requiring medical assistance in a foreign country can be stressful.  Not speaking the local language adds to the stress.  It is clear that students and academics alike need to have immediate, convenient and comfortable access to medical treatment should it be required.  We manage these stressful moments by connecting the tour participant to the right medical facility.  Of course, we remain throughout as required.

Educational Tour

Can’t beat local knowledge

Students don’t always stick to the plan.  On an international educational tour, that is sometimes exactly what you want from them though.  Agreed, much of their study program has already been carefully laid out. Indeed the assessment well defined even before they leave.  Many of the student projects however turn out to be a work in progress. It is only once they arrive in the country that they actually realise what they need.  Being able to put them in direct touch with those resources on their educational tour is what we do.

If there is a need to meet a local expert, outside of the regular presenter program, we can help.  Our on the ground staff are able to facilitate this in conjunction with our project manager at our HQ who will seek to liaise with this new contact.  Leave it to us to create a match between your student’s requirements and the manager in that given industry

Educational Tour

Aligning with your university’s risk management policy

In many ways, The Study Tour Experts seek to mitigate the risk for the university.  We provide around-the-clock service to academics and students during the time they stay in the countries they are visiting as part of their study tour. While many an educational tour is quite uneventful, quite simply some are not. There are many unforeseen circumstances that arise and it is a peace of mind for the university that The Study Tour Experts are there to meet these needs and to follow up as required.  While not always critical, such in-country service is often important.

The Study Tour Experts have more than enough experience to handle most matters that occur in-country on an educational tour.  Having both a senior project manager travel alongside a junior support staff and (where required) a tour guide, is a core part of our offering . This allows us to provide the right kind of service should the unlikely become the absolute certain.

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