Meeting Student Expectations

A study tour is a big investment for a student

Both in terms of time and money, a student has a lot on the line here. For that reason, we need to make their study tour one of the most important and memorable experiences of their lives

What do you expect from a Study Tour?

The Study Tour experts are careful to incorporate both the student and academic requirements on any program.
Both are customers – both are important.


Connecting to Culture

It’s not just about going to industry presentations and understanding markets – it’s also important to understand the culture, it’s history and how it creates context for your own study tour experience

What makes your study tour special

It shouldn’t just be about the program – it has to be about you as an individual too. Your needs are important and The Study Tour experts know they need to be catered for too.

A special request?

Some of the students go overseas on a study tour to achieve one end only. It maybe to sit down with a specific industry leader or it maybe to access a particular work or internship opportunity. The Study Tour Experts make a commitment to try to make this happen and in so doing, try to bring the personal touch to your study tour experience.

It shouldn’t just be about the group needs – it should be about your individual needs too.



Student Educational Tours 

Student Educational Tours

A combined effort!

Before the study tour starts, you need to check in with your academic and have them discuss with you how your own specific goals match or don’t match the curriculum. Either way, The Study Tour Experts can work with you and your academic tour leader to help create an alignment that works for everyone.

Let your imagination drive you in your choices



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