Marketing to Students

It’s critical to be able to reach all potential students interested in your study tour

Being able to reach out and find them and then follow them up throughout the year is necessary but pretty time consuming activity.  
Let The Study Tour Experts help you.

The Study Tour Experts can assist with a year-long campaign

Given the cycle of study and the fact that students make decisions to enrol in study tours one or two semesters before the event, you need to connect with them for at least 12 months beforehand.


Direct Marketing

Building a database of students throughout the year is critical to the success of any study tour. Most students make their minds up one or two semesters before the study tour. Let us help you manage this database.

Following up Students

As you have no doubt discovered, the constant follow up with students around queries they have regarding the small details and any big changes to the study tour can be quite consuming. Let us help.

Documents and Procedures

Students need to know about visa requirements, make requests for special food needs, want to know more details regarding presenters and visits – are you prepared for all of this?

Enjoy the freedom to be an academic!

You have more than enough to go on with during the year. After all, the study tour isn’t until the end of the year and for now you have to attend to other courses, university admin, other student requests and so on. Unfortunately, the need to communicate to potential students for the study tour is a 12 month a year habit you may need to get into. At The Study Tour Experts, we have been assisting clients with this for years and are more than happy to lift this weight from your shoulders.

We don’t want to take the entire student contact away from you – that’s an important part of the academic-student relationship. We just want to lift out the mundane and time consuming and leave you free to what you do best.


International Study Tour

International Study Tour

The Key to a successful study tour

As silly as it sounds, the key to a successful study tour is having enough students and having the right mix of students. Unfortunately, time can slip away from you and you might find yourself scrambling to get the numbers you need. They real key to success in these study tour programs is the right number and the right students.

Let us help you manage this process.


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