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The Study Tour Experts App for iOS and Android.

We provide our student groups with a dedicated. App they can use to track their progress through the study tour.  From who the presenter is to what and where to eat – it’s all there.

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About The App

It’s all here.  Details of cities being visited; a Calendar that tells them what’s what on the day; all necessary contacts; a diary to track their progress and who is presenting to them that day.


Companies and Presenters
Having company profiles as well as presenter details in their hand before the students travel is vital to a students preparation for such an important learning experience as the study tour.


What To Expect
Some details are never too small.  Voltage and plugs in some countries, SIM card availability in others.  From finding Halal or Kosher restaurants and everything in between.


While not exhaustive, a smattering of the local language doesn’t hurt.  We’ve included a list of the 50 or so most important phrases to get around town with.


Study Tour Calendar
A calendar to track what’s going on during the day is vital.  So too a facility to receive push notifications should anything change at the last minute.


Some of the students have visited the cities before, some have not.  Whatever the case, they need to have information on the cities in the context of the study tour they are on.

Deliver real, measurable results, that’s what we do best.

At the end of the day, the Study Tour App is simply a great way to manage the learning outcomes the academic sets and the expecations the students have.

Email us for login/unrestricted access to a typical The Study Tour Experts’s App from either the iPhone App Store or the Google Play store

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